Historic Highlights

The Fisher Kahn

The Fisher Kahn, built in 1916, was originally constructed as an upscale apartment building. Positioned directly across from the yet-to-be-built Fisher Building it was in a prime area of the growing city of Detroit. Residents in the Heyday of the automotive industry were situated to directly see the construction of great city masterpieces around them. 

Fisher Building

By 1927 construction had begun on what was to be nicknamed Detroit’s greatest art object. The Fisher building was to house the automotive company Fisher Body of the Fisher brothers and is widely considered architect Albert Kahn's greatest achievement. Today it houses the Fisher Theatre along with ground level dining and retail.


Albert Kahn Building

The New Center Building, renamed the Albert Kahn in 1988, was also designed and built by Kahn and the Fisher brothers.  Though not as lavish as it’s predecessor, it echoes the elaborate art deco architecture the Fisher Building and the two are connected by an underground tunnel. Originally planned as office and retail space, it was to be the headquarters of the Albert Kahn Associates.